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Tickets now available!

Tickets (donations) to "Bach and Sonnets", the charity fundraiser on the 6th March 2018 are now publicly available on this page.

Notice of filming and consent to participate

Please be advised that Sabine Lang and her team will film the show for use in future promotional material, a video that will be for sale publicly, and potential other use.

Your attendance at the event will serve as your voluntary agreement to include your appearance, image and likeness on screen as part of this film for use worldwide, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised.

Due to the limited space and the fact that there is only one performance, we will not be able to accommodate you, if you do not wish to be filmed. On the other hand, seeing that the focus is on the performers, and not you, there is no guarantee that you will be appearing in the final product at all. Just saying.

A simple way to comply with GDPR

If you don't want us to contact you ever again, you can simply click on this link and order your tickets in a "no-email" version. You will then only receive one immediate email to confirm your donation. Please consider staying here, though.

Please email me at with "ticket question" in the subject if you have any questions.

Our payments are managed by Stripe who accept debit cards and VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

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Please consider supporting the show

This is a charity fundraiser. I want as much money to go to the charities, so I set up the ticketing system in a way that your money goes directly to them. Please consider supporting me with a contribution to cover the signficant cost of this event, too. Even just £5 will help :).

Terms and Conditions

Your payment is a donation to the charity Play for Progress. As a "Thank You" for your donation, we give you access to our show, but keep no money from your donation - 100% of it goes to the charity.

Therefore, no refunds of any sort are possible, irrespective of the reason, even if we cancel the event or change the format of it.

Price categories do not guarantee specific seats. Seating is assigned by me on practical considerations, but may be changed on the night by the usher.

Tickets (donations) for Bach and Sonnets

These 'tickets' are non-refundable donations to charity - see above.

ticket price available qty total price
standing ticket £25.00 1 £0
standard seat £35.00 3 £0
premium seat £50.00 1 £0
best seat £100.00 2 £0
NK voucher £110.00 1 £0

Ticket categories

Standing Tickets: no seat

Standard Seats: standard seat, table has to be shared amongst up to 7 people

Premium Seats: premium seat, table has to be shared amongst up to 6 people

Best Seats: best seat, table for two

2 Best Seats + NK voucher: best seat, table for two, includes one £100 voucher for Natural Kitchen


Dresscode: dress to impress, but feel free to come in smart business clothes straight from work

Latecomers: don't worry, you can arrive whenever you want, but you cannot take your seat during one of the two show parts - they are 6.00-6.25pm and 7.00-7.30pm.

Can I stay after the event? Oh, yes! Ronnie Scott's Upstairs has its Jazz evening starting at 8.30pm, so if you do not want to stay for that, please leave around 8pm to make space for new guests, but otherwise you are welcome to stay at no fee.

Food and drinks? The full drinks and food menu of Ronnie Scott's is available, check their FAQ for more questions including parking (NCP Brewer Street etc.), public transport (Leicester Square etc).

Charity benefiting from this ticket sale: Play for Progress

Play for Progress (PFP) is a London-based charity that delivers therapeutic and educational music programmes for young people impacted by conflict, to help them engage with, learn through, and explore their capabilities in music.

link to Play for Progress website

What happens with your money?

All of your money spent on this page goes straight to the charities we support. We get none of it to cover the production costs for this event. Please consider giving us a little extra...

As little as £5 helps us towards costs like insurance and accountant fees.
If you give us £15, you make us feel special.
With a generous £30 you contribute to expenses like renting a microphone.
£50 of your money enable us to add things we otherwise could not, like paying for an experienced make-up artist.
With £100 we can look more confidently to the future.
£200 support us greatly, and we will list you with gratitude on the front-page of our current programme (if you want us to).

link to Bach and Sonnets website

Producing theatre is very expensive. Some of the biggest expenses are the most boring ones, like insurance, and accountant's fees. Some are more "exciting", like fees for performers or costs for materials like fabrics for costumes.

So, if you give us money via our "support Bach and Sonnets" page, it will in some ways go towards the purpose of this company: to produce things. However, we make no guarantee whatsoever what the money is being used for, and we also are a for-profit company, so there is no tax relief for you, and we have to tax it as income.

But all that said, hoepfully, giving us money will give you a fuzzy warm feeling. We certainly are grateful. So far, we are deeply in the red (at the time of writing anyway, i.e. May 2018).

List of sponsors

This is the list of sponsors who have already contributed to this and future shows:

Martin Guan
Christina-Maria Mittelmaier, Martin Guan
Cian Mansfield, John Purvis
Anonymous, Eoin Kashishian, James Howells, James Purchas, Mariana Zegianini, Niri Shan, Rachel Barber, Rachel Higham
Anonymous, Sharad Saggar

Please consider joining this illustrious club - it means a lot to us.