Bach and Sonnets.

Bach and Sonnets is a project conceived by Wolfgang Mittelmaier to put together two cultural titans in a semi-dramatic setting:

An actor recites 12 selected Shakespeare sonnets to a female cellist who plays one of Bach’s famous cello suites.

This show was premiered as a private fundraising event for musical charities at Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs on Wednesday, 6th June 2018.

We are currently recasting the show for a relaunch at Ronnie’s on Thursday, 3rd October 2019.

We are holding auditions for the male actor, playing age 30-40 based on sonnet no. 18 this Sunday, 28th July 2019. We still have a few slots left – click here for details and apply online – it’s not too late! (unless you are reading this after 2pm on Sunday)

Justine Viani and Laurence Price-Nowak in Bach and Sonnets at Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs in June 2018
60 seconds of the Bach & Sonnets 2018 show with Justine Viani and Laurence Price-Nowak

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