Bach and Sonnets is a project conceived by Wolfgang Mittelmaier to put together two cultural titans in a semi-dramatic setting:

An actress recites 12 selected Shakespeare sonnets to a male cellist who plays Bach’s cello suite No. 1 in G-major.

This show was premiered as a private fundraising event for musical charities at Ronnie Scott’s Upstairs on Wednesday, 6th June 2018.

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Cellist – Laurens Price-Nowak

Laurens Price-Nowak played selections from Bach’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cello suites at an event by Mittelmaier Entertainment in 2017 to benefit Music Fund, and we are delighted to have him back for this project, playing the 1st suite in full.

Laurens Price-Nowak
Laurens Price-Nowak in 2017 playing for a Music Fund event

Actress: Justine Viani

We are super-excited to have signed the amazing singer/actress Justine Viani !

Justine is an incredibly gifted singer and amazing actress who will be guaranteed to wow you with our show. Really excited to be working with her.

Justine Viani

Film producer: Sabine Lang

Sabine produced and directed the short thrillers “The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demon” and “Still”. She will direct the film production of the event.

Sabine Lang

Costume: Janet Rodney

Janet Rodney is a fashion designer, who specialises in made-to-measure and dresses select socialites in Mayfair and works with the Danceworks Ballet Academy on costumes for Nutcracker and Peter Pan.

Eliška Bouzková

Eliška is not your regular usher, but you would be hard-pressed to find many “regular” ushers in the West End… Eliška is the winner of the Sergei Polunin Inspiration Scholarship Award at Danceworks Ballet Academy and one of the most talented young dancers I have met.

Director: Wolfgang Mittelmaier

Wolfgang produced and directed “Shakespeare’s Women” and “Shakespeare’s Women: When I love thee not” for Beyond Productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
He studied Comparative Literature, Drama, and Dance at Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich, Germany and at St.Patrick’s College Maynooth in Ireland, and the Samuel Beckett Institute for Theatre and Drama Studies at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Wolfgang Mittelmaier